We are a young, upwardly mobile start-up.
It is our conviction that the throwaway society urgently needs fresh ideas and practicable solutions.

We live for mobility, develop smart concepts and have sustainable solutions for a clean future. We manufacture top quality products and operate in a way that conserves resources. Our focus is on blending design with performance and product durability.

We are particularly proud of our partners and customers, as we share similar values and a common vision.

Gebrüder Weiss is our logistics partner, and we transport our products to Europe by rail. While this also allows us to achieve shorter delivery times, our principal motivation is sustainability – maritime transport pollutes our oceans – which is incompatible with our philosophy.

A model company in terms of high-tech, known far beyond the borders of Austria, offering tailored solutions for cable car engineering worldwide.
Sustainability is an important factor for Doppelmayr. As SNE, we are proud to make a small contribution to overcoming shorter distances at the company complex.

Our regional energy provider VKW AG is an important driver of e-mobility. What’s more, VKW promotes the nationwide production of green electricity, which we as SNE eMobility wholeheartedly endorse!

The youth is our future! The gymnastics event World-Gymnaestrada brings nations around the world together, providing exemplary support to impoverished countries and their youth by enabling their participation in this prominent meet. Communication is a vital part of who we are, and so we feel honoured to participate as sponsors.

Energy autonomy requires personal responsibility!
“These are people who are committed to the environment and future generations, who develop creative solutions and put them into practice in everyday settings.”
We take the same view of this important topic and are equally invested in this educational mandate.

Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft erneuerbare Energie ist seit Jahren Triebfeder für die Umsetzung der eigenständigen und unabhängigen Energieversorgung. Nach dem Selbstbau von Warmwasserkollektoren, dem Aufbau von Biomasse-Nahwärmeanlagen sowie der Errichtung von Solarstrom-Bürgerkraftwerken wird nun auch die Elektromobilität als wichtiger Lösungsansatz einer enkeltauglichen Energiedienstleistung unterstützt. Gerne bringen wir uns hier mit unserer Kompetenz in der Bewußtseinsarbeit ein.

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