SNE Streetsound

blends innovation with passion and is a real whizz out in the streets.


» silent

electric engine

» sophisticated

lightweight design

» large

storage space

» authorised for a

rider & passenger

» hydraulic

disk brakes

» Bluetooth

sound system

Up to 100 km

on one battery charge

Bluetooth sound system

with integrated tuner

45 km/h speed

incl. peak acceleration

USB connection

and mobile phone charging point

Travel more than 100 km

for just 1 euro

Alarm system

and lockable storage space

Save lots of money

Not only will you make a great contribution to environmental awareness by buying an SNE electric scooter, you will also save lots of money. You can travel for up to 100 kilometres for less than one euro’s worth of electricity. Servicing costs are also a fraction of what they would be for more traditionally powered vehicles.

SNE Streetsound cost: €40/year
Cost of conventional petrol scooters: €450/year
Cost of a car: €900/year

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The SNE Streetsound electric scooter is as individual as our lives.
We gave three people the SNE Streetsound electric scooter and received three different stories in return.

How you benefit

We’re already working on sustainable solutions today, to make your life easier tomorrow. Secure environmental subsidy now.


Mobile at 15

You can cruise around on your SNE Streetsound electric scooter at the young age of 15, after passing your “AM” driving test and obtaining the permission of your legal guardian!

You’ll only need the AM driving license once you turn 16. And you can zip around without an additional driving licence once you’ve passed your category B test aged 18.

SNE Streetsound

  • emission-free
  • virtually silent
  • low running costs
  • cheap insurance
  • chargeable at any power socket
  • ideal for short- &amp or long distances
  • copes well with mountains

Environmental subsidy

€375 subsidy for the Streetsound!

The Austrian Ministry for the Environment will hand you a €375 environmental subsidy if you purchase an SNE Streetsound electric scooter. The amount will be reimbursed after your purchase.

» Eligibility for the environmental subsidy

Test the SNE Streetsound

Find a dealership close to you.
Agree a date and taste freedom.

Arrange a test ride!


  • Range* up to 100 km
  • 800 watt capacity
  • 60V
  • Top speed of up to 45 km/h
  • Weight without battery 59 kg
  • Weight with battery 69 kg
  • Carries 2
  • Max. load 150 kg
  • Hydr. front disk brakes
  • Rear drum brakes
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Rated charge 25 Ah
  • Charging time 8-10 h

* Range and top speed depend on many factors like load, weight of the rider, driving style, tyre pressure, ambient temperature, route topography, stop-and-go frequency and battery charge, as well as wind and weather conditions etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire SNE service team is always ready to assist you with help and advice.


What does the insurance include?

Our policy provides liability insurance and also registers your SNE eScooter with the Motor Transport Authority. Liability insurance covers damage to other people or objects, but not damage to your SNE Street Sound. You can agree additional coverage for your SNE eScooter with any insurance firm in Austria.

How do I renew my insurance?

The insurance policy is concluded for an indefinite period and will roll over automatically until you deregister your SNE eScooter.

Which documents do I need to carry to make certain that my SNE eScooter is insured?

Your COC (Certificate of Conformity – equivalent to the vehicle registration), which you received when picking up your SNE eScooter. If you happen to lose this document, simply send us an email and we will issue a replacement. You should also carry your policy certificate so that you can contact your insurance immediately if necessary.

Can I conclude additional terms? (Theft, damage to my SNE eScooter)

You are welcome to contact Generali Versicherung to enquire about upgrading your policy.

Who is your insurance partner?

We collaborate with Generali Versicherung to insure your SNE eScooter.

What does the insurance cost?

The price for an entire year’s insurance from our insurance partner is €135.00. The insurance partner of your choice will gladly give you a quotation as well.

Can I conclude my own insurance policy?

Of course you can pick the insurance policy of your choice. To do so, you will find all the information you need in the vehicle documents that are included when you pick up your SNE eScooter.Simply send us an email to request the necessary data and documents if you wish to conclude an insurance policy before your SNE eScooter arrives.

How do I apply for insurance?

Click on Insurance when purchasing your eScooter, and we will forward your request to our insurance partner. The partner will contact you before the eScooter is shipped and will personally give you the valid insurance contract, the number plate, the toll sticker and everything else, or you can pick up the number plate and toll sticker from your SNE contract service partner.
Please be aware that insurance cover is mandatory if you wish to ride your SNE eScooter on public roads. The policy insures your SNE eScooter itself, which means you can invite your friends to take it for a spin.

Is the SNE eScooter also insured when other people ride it?

The liability insurance covers your SNE Street Sound and not individual persons. This means that third-party damage is covered, no matter who is riding your SNE eScooter. As a rule, though, you should simply enjoy cruising on your SNE eScooter, without lending it to others. Any additional coverage you have agreed may not apply to other riders. Make sure you check the terms of additional insurance before concluding the policy.

There is no dealership listed for my home town.

We are constantly striving to expand our network of dealerships and service partners. As a rule, we are able to deliver your SNE eScooter wherever you are. But we would ask for your patience to enable us to deliver your SNE eScooter. If your town is not available, kindly send us an email at We’ll find a solution.

How long does it take to build and deliver my SNE eScooter?

In most cases we will have our SNE eScooters in stock. But here’s what happens when you order an SNE eScooter and there isn’t one immediately available:
After placing a binding order, i.e. making payment, you will receive a confirmation mail and invoice. Once your SNE eScooter is built, our employees conduct quality control at the production site.

Then your SNE eScooter is packaged and shipped by rail.

After completing the customs formalities, your SNE eScooter is brought to your service partner by a freight carrier, and you can then pick it up.

Delivery takes 8–10 weeks.

Will you launch a new model soon?

We are constantly working on new products and developments. For now we are starting with our SNE Street Sound and look forward to your feedback, which we will incorporate of course in our future projects. You can be certain that there will be other SNE models, which we will build on your experience. But none of them will look the same – only the proven details will be incorporated in any new models.

Where are the SNE eScooters built?

We collaborate with our team on the ground in Hong Kong and China (which is also responsible for our quality standards, quality management, time management and many other factors) to build our SNE eScooter with our SNE eScooter production partner. Our team on the ground is multicultural and includes European and Chinese members from several regions. China has focused on the issue of renewable energy for many years now, and traditional combustion engines – specifically to power two-wheelers – are banned in most of the country’s cities. This means that the technological lead over the western world is really quite substantial. But in order to satisfy our European quality standards, we combine local know-how with our traditional perception of quality. So while our SNE eScooters are built in Asia, they are crafted by a highly efficient team and partner businesses according to European criteria and with a keen eye for outstanding quality.

Who designed and developed the SNE eScooter?

All SNE eScooters are designed and developed as co-productions by our teams in Europe and Hong Kong.

How do I order a top case?

You can currently choose between two top case models. Visit our homepage and pick the one you prefer. Once you have made your choice, placed the order and paid the invoice, your personal top case will be delivered directly to your doorstep.

How can I order a second helmet?

Simply send us an email with the colour and helmet size at and you will receive an invoice from us. The helmet will be delivered to your doorstep just a few days after we receive payment.

Where can I get a second battery?

Simply send us an email at and you will receive an invoice from us. The battery will be delivered to your doorstep just a few days after we receive payment.

What does an additional battery cost?

An additional battery costs €799.00, including VAT.

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty applies if your SNE eScooter develops a fault without unauthorised actions by you. You must have completed the regular inspections as listed in the service booklet in order to make warranty claims.

How long is the warranty on my SNE eScooter?

We give you two years guarantee on your SNE eScooter, including the battery (or 1,000 charging cycles inside of two years).

Our philosophy

A green future is our hearts’ desire.

Intelligent mobility is the focus of our efforts.
That’s why we only support and promote solutions with everyday applications.

The result is the SNE Streetsound electric scooter:
It blends innovation with passion and is a real whizz out in the streets.

Our partners


The entire SNE service team is always ready to assist you with help and advice.


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